Zdania z użyciem comparative form; wyrazy bliskoznaczne
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Zdania z użyciem comparative form; wyrazy bliskoznaczne
te ktore potrafilem zrobilem ale niestety nie ze wszystkimi sobie poradzilem Smile mam nadzieje ze bardziej doswiadczeni mi pomoga Wink

3.Read to situations and complete the sentences, Use comparative form.

1.yesterday temperature was nine degrees, today its only 6 degrees.
2.The journey takes four hours by car and five hours by train
It takes…
3.Dave and I went for a run. I run 10 kilometers, Dave stopped after eight
I ran…
4.Chris and Joe both did badly in the exam. chris got 20% but joe only got 15%
Joe did….
5.i expected my friends to arrive ot about 4 o’clock. In fact they arrived at 2,30.
My friends…
6.you can go by buses or by train, the buses run every 30 minuts, the trains run every hour.

4.Complete the sentences with a comparative form

1.this coffee its very weak I like it a bit STRONGER
2.the hotel was surprisingly big, I expected it to bo SMALLER
3. the hotel was surprisingly cheap, I expected it to be more EXPENSIV
4.The weather its too cold in this coutry , I’d like to live somewhere HOTTER
5.My job is bit boring sometimes, I’d like to do somethink …???...
6. i was surprised how easy it was to use the computer, I thouth it will be …???...
7.Your work isn’t very good, im sure you can do BETTER
8. don’t worry, the situation isn’t so bad, It could be WORSE
9. I was surprised we got here so quickly. I expected the journey to take …???...
10.you’re talking very loudly. Can you speak a bit …???...

5.give another words and translate

7.large-specious, duzy przestronny
8.value for money-

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