2 zadania z czasów - uzupełnianki
09-24-2008, 06:15 PM
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2 zadania z czasów - uzupełnianki
1. podane wyrazy w nawiasach napisz w poprawnej formie (czas past continuous lub past simple)

- It was evening and I 1) _______ (watch) television with my parents. The TV news 2) _______ give) constant flood warnings as Hurricane Floyd 3) ________ (a[[roach). We were worried but we 4) ________ decide to stay in our house. Later thet night, at 3 am, a policeman 5) ________ (knock) on our door and told us that the water leves 6) ______ (rise). He also 7) ________ (tell) us that we should move our valuables to safety. I barely 8) ________ (sleep) that night I was so frightened.
- In the morning I 9) ________ (look) out of the window. It was a beautiful day and the sun 10) _______ (shine). People 11) _______ (walk) by my hause up to their knees in water. I 12) ________ (go) downstairs to the kitchen and it was follded and damaged. We 13) _____ (pack) a few things and 14) ______ (leave).
As we 15) ______ (drive) to a shelter, I 16) _____ (look) back at our house and 17) _______ (cry). All of my things were there.

2. podkresl poprawna forme (past continuous, past simple, past perfect)

1. Helen got/had got into the car when she realised/was realising she forgot/had forgotten her bag at home.
2. Susan watched/was watching tv while Rita had read/was reading her book.
3. When I had got/got to the scene of the car accident, the police had already arrived/arrived.
4.While Fred was driving/drove past the factorym there was/had been a huge blast.
5. The skiers were spending/had spent five days in the mountains before the mountain rescue team found/had found them.
6. We were walking/walked in the forest when it suddenly was starting/started pouring rain.
7. We called/were calling 999 and told/had told the operator thet we needed/had needed an ambulance.
8. A man was hijacking/hijacked the plane while we were flying/flew to london.

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09-24-2008, 08:06 PM
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1. was watching
2. gave
3. approached
4. decided
5. knocked
6. rises.
7. told
8. slept
9. looked
10. was shining
11. walked
12. went
13. we've packed
14. left
15. we've drove
16. looked
17. cried

1. got, realised, forgot
2. was watching, was reading
3. got, arrived
4. was driving, was
5. were spending, found
6. were walking, started
7. called, told, needed
8. hijacked, were flying

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RE: 2 zadania z czasow - uzupelnianki
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