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I'd like to listen music, so maybe we'll start from talking about one Smile
What kind do you like?

What are your favourite bands/artists?

Personally, I listen to rock. :yee:
Artist - Leonard Cohen :brawo:
Band - Gregorian. Big Grin:

What about you?
anaya napisał(a):What are your favourite bands/artists?

Hmm ...
Artist- Phil Colins
Band- Delirious?

anaya napisał(a):What about you?

I love: "Monday Morning" Angel
I love System of a Down, omg! <3 I am listening of it hm... 3 years?
I love Serj Tankian ofc Wink I want to be at him concert in Poland!
jak jakeis bledy czy cos, to prosze- napiszcie mi na pw, ok?
Serj Tankian... It's nice to find other fan of him Smile I'd like to go to his concert to listen to him with symphony. I heard some of his new songs from his new album elect the dead symphony... amazing Wink Reading your signture I'd like to ask you what do you think about "Kult"??
Trance - simply the best. Found out something about this kind of music and Armin van Buuren when I was living in Ireland. Have been to his concert as well, that was fantastic performance by him. Since may 2008, I'm personally his biggest fan. Love his music, beat. One of the best...

I'd recommend as well Sander van Doorn, Tiesto and Marcus Schulz.
Artist- Kurt Nilsen, J.Mraz, Sting, Tracy Chapman, Bryan Adams
Band- Train, Coldplay, One Republic :yee:
Perhaps you'll think that I'm crazy, because I listen to Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

My favourite band is Virgin (of course, I'm kiding Tongue).

I haven't got my favourite band.
Artist - Eminem, Nelly, 50Cent Smile
Band - Rammstein :yee:
BAND - Simple Plan, Green Day

I listen to Hans Zimmer. He's a german composer. He wrote the soundtrack for "Gladiator", "King Arthur", "Pearl Harbor, "Pirates of the Caribbean" etc.. I recommend. Smile
Artist: Nick Cave, Dave Gahan, Serj Tankian,
Band: Godsmack, The Doors, TSA, Burzum, Wardruna, Bathory

I listen to black metal, rock and sometimes pop :>
Artists: trance- AvB, ATB, Tiesto, PvD, pop: Shakira, AkonSmile
Bands: trance: Blank&Jones, rock- Muse, Coldplay, Maroon5

I usually listen to trance, dance, rock, pop and sometimes rap and classical music.
Definitely hip-hop and r'n'b

Artist: Wiz Khalifa (song Black and Yellow), Eminem, Usher
My favourite music is something between rock and electro, It's called electro rock....
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